In this webinar iOFFICE + SpaceIQ explored legal and logistical perspectives on pandemic-era workplace policies.

Why watch? Two years the outbreak of COVID-19, some say the pandemic is transitioning to an endemic. If this health crisis lasts indefinitely, companies must understand what that means for their workplace policies.

Get answers to some of your biggest questions, including:
– What does a return to the office mean from a legal perspective
– Are companies liable for COVID outbreaks that occur in the office?
– What are the protocols and procedures leaders need to keep in mind while deciding when to ask employees to come back?
– Will you allow employees to mingle and meet with each other in person?

Join iOFFICE + SpaceIQ and their special guests to learn how technology is helping building owners and operators make data-driven decisions around operations and maintenance.

Tune in to gain meaningful insights on:

– The benefits of extended capabilities across the building lifecycle
– How BIM data adds value on top of workplace and asset solutions
– How Autodesk and iOFFICE + SpaceIQ are making these capabilities a reality
– And more!

Even during a run-of-the-mill business year, proactive facility maintenance requires real-time analytics and planning to keep a building’s engines humming. Since our world has been anything but average since COVID-19 hit, that need has only intensified.

One of the most valuable lessons for facility managers has arguably been the importance of a strategic preventive maintenance plan for everyday operations and crises.

This on-demand webinar focuses on what preventive maintenance means for today’s businesses and how to embrace technology to empower your facility and workplace management teams.

Maintaining facilities takes an organised, concerted effort. Archibus OnSite makes work orders simpler.

Archibus OnSite is built on a modern, mobile framework that makes facility teams and field workers more efficient. From fielding and sorting work orders, to built-in compliance checklists – Archibus OnSite puts critical resources in the hands of craftspeople charged with vital facilities tasks. 

Learn how learn how Archibus OnSite can transform the way your organisation manages its assets and seamlessly connect to other Archibus solutions. 

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As return-to-work plans adjust, Archibus is here with enhancements to help you evolve with your plans. 

Learn how the latest release can help you manage reports and documents, enhanced desk booking, improved calendar integration, and enablement of the new Archibus Workplace mobile app. 

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The move away from regular office use has turned government-owned properties on their axes. Agencies not planning on bringing people back into the office are questioning the future of their spaces.

Download the guide, Options for Unoccupied Spaces: A Guide to Deciding What is Best for Your Agency, to explore what the future workplace may look like, what choices you have for your unused space, and whether retaining space is the right move.

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Proper data transition between the building lifecycle phases requires coordination and precise project management.

The Best Practices for Using BIM in an IWMS Guide reviews what is needed in a BIM Execution Plan, roles and responsibilities, and things to consider when deploying an IWMS for lifecycle management with BIM. All of which can help ensure a smooth transition from design-build to operations.

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Facilities managers have the complex task of providing efficient and effective care for building assets throughout the asset’s lifecycle, starting from asset acceptance through operational use, repurposing, and, finally, disposal. Preventive maintenance — a common way to care for assets — is often deferred because of the cost or extensive use of company resources. As a result, high-value assets are left unattended for long periods.

Organisations are beginning to take their preventive maintenance strategy one step further with a condition-based approach, which uses the data and analytics from building management systems (BMS) to determine what type of maintenance should be performed.

Learn how to seamlessly automate the process of turning analytics into action to help lower maintenance costs, improve service-level agreements (SLAs), and extend the asset life.

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For many organisations, back to work is still a work in progress—and rife with challenges.

How do you safely and efficiently reopen the workplace, while also maintaining regulatory compliance? How can you create an environment where employees feel safe? The answer, is Hoteling with Archibus. 

Hoteling makes it simple for employees to book desks and choose where they want to work—whether that’s at-home, in the office, or somewhere else. Archibus can support your transition to a hybrid work structure. 

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Given the current economic pressures, are you considering how to get the most out of your workspace? 

Organisations that focus on asset management understand how to properly maintain assets to extend their lifecycles. Each strategy contains elements unique to the individual organisation. Check out the guide, Build an Asset Management Strategy, That Works to see the must-haves that every plan should include.

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Do you know how much time is lost to inefficient meetings?

Learn how you can better configure space and manage employee movement to put power back in your meetings. Check out this guide for five strategies to help get more out of your meeting spaces without compromising efficiency and productivity.

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In this release, we focused on further developing features from previous releases, improving quality and usability, and supporting organisations as they return to work.

Watch the webinar on demand to get a quick update on these improvements, as well as a sneak peek at some of our proofs of concept, such as:

– Autodesk Forge Integration to help visualise asset data, system connections, and build digital twin integrations
– Clockworks Analytics Integration that brings in fault detection and diagnostics to assist in condition-based maintenance
– IoT integration to visualise space utilisation data

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Even during a run-of-the-mill business year, proactive facility maintenance requires real-time analytics and planning to keep a building’s engines humming.

Since our world has been anything but average since COVID-19 hit, that need has only intensified. One of the most valuable lessons for facility managers has arguably been the importance of a strategic preventive maintenance plan for everyday operations and crises.

Check out this guide from SpaceIQ for the three critical steps to creating a solid, sustainable plan.

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As companies explore safer ways to bring employees back to the workplace, hoteling has emerged as one of the best solutions.

There is no one-size-fits-all for hoteling, which makes it important to choose the right software on which to build your strategy.

Not sure where to start? Get the Guide to Evaluating & Buying Hoteling Software from SpaceIQ. This guide highlights eight attributes to consider when evaluating vendors. There’s also an RFP template with specific questions to ask.

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If you’re considering an IWMS platform or moving away from a legacy system, we have a guide for you. Check out the key features to look for as you evaluate different facilities management software.

Check out the Selecting an IWMS: Meet Your Current and Future Needs Guide for tips and a handy checklist.

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We are excited to share new features and enhancements available in this latest release.
View this recording to learn more about Archibus V.26.1, which includes:

– Reports Central: Easily build and personalise reports and charts
– Space Console Query Search: Find what you need by building your own query
– Workplace Accessibility: Allow users with visual or hearing impairments to navigate the workplace
– Hoteling: Limit the number of days to book ahead as well as all-day bookings, enable health checks before check-in, see who else has booked a desk, and search for and book a desk near a colleague
– Much more!

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Archibus, a SpaceIQ product, understands your need to track, manage, and report on specific attributes, such as occupancy types, life-safety, room pressure, etc. as part of your regulatory compliance program. Archibus Healthcare takes facilities management one step further with features designed specifically for healthcare organisations.

Archibus Healthcare can help ensure your:

– Assets are accessible and the location meets organisational and regulatory requirements
– Spaces are compliant and deficiencies are resolved making hospital staff more productive and keeping patients as safe as possible
– Life safety building features (LSBF), such as fire barriers, escape exits and critical assets are easily tracked and managed
– Operations are optimised and stakeholders receive reports that are most important to them
– Building, floor, and room information, such as occupancy types, life-safety, room pressure, etc., is personalised to meet your needs

For more details, review these resources:
Brochure: Archibus Health 
On-Demand Webinar: New Features
On-Demand Webinar: Customer Review

Get Back to Work Safely and with Confidence

Plan, execute, and manage your back-to-work strategy using valuable templates designed to help you:

Prepare Your Workplace — Create a B2W plan, then follow the steps to configure workspaces, install hygiene/sanitation stations, set cleaning schedules, etc.  
Screen Employees Pre-Entry — Ensure potentially infected or exposed workers don’t bring COVID into your workplace. 
Streamline Operations — Control workplace access, keep areas clean, maintain information systems, and monitor for COVID exposures. 
Keep Employees Informed — Keep employees updated on COVID exposures, cleaning measures, and ways to stay safe. 
Combat a COVID Crisis — Protecting employee, confine the outbreak, and – most importantly – keep your workers safe.

Download the free B2W templates and get your workplace on track for a successful reopening! 

Archibus was the first IWMS on the market and the last workplace management solution you’ll ever need. The open platform IWMS is always evolving to address customers’ unique business requirements and objectives, as well as the latest industry trends. That means Archibus knows a thing or two about what businesses are looking for when it comes to workplace management. Combined with ICAD, the experience allows us to provide innovative tools and services for thousands of customers worldwide.

Now with Archibus, you can:
• Plan and execute your back-to-work strategy and beyond with new, powerful features
• Use modules out-of-the-box or tailor them to meet your specific needs
• Enjoy a seamless employee experience using the Workplace app
• Easily navigate applications with an enhanced user interface

Searching for a simple IWMS implementation? Look no further. Sign up now and get up and running in no time with our premier, SaaS-based IWMS solution.
• Implement an enterprise-grade IWMS with a lower total cost of ownership and rapid time-to-value
• Scale your solution as your organization grows
• Easily configure your environment to meet your needs
• Access new features as they become available

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Data is essential to managing your workplace. Amid COVID-19, it’s even more critical to collect and analyse data for better space planning and employee safety.

In the latest guide from SpaceIQ—Your Guide to Workplace Data Governance—they explain what data governance means, how you can adapt processes for better information use, and what technologies are key for collecting and analysing data. 

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Archibus understands that bringing your employees back to the office safely is a priority. That is why they continue to add features that will help you do so. In Archibus V25.4, they have added the ability for facility managers to:
– Limit bookings on any floor to reduced capacity targets
– Restrict hoteling of desks after capacity is reached
– Limit users from booking more than once for the same period

Other features introduced in this latest release include the ability to:
– Create user-defined fields for equipment and equipment standards
– Access checklists in the Maintenance Console
– Manage and update move projects with an easy-to-use interface

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Leverage Workplace Data Now and Down the Road

No one can predict the future, but workplace technology can help you plan for what’s needed now and down the road when crises strike.

SpaceIQ’s Ian Morley and Verdantix’s Ibrahim Yate will discuss strategies to conquer current and future crises that can impact productivity, efficiency, and employee engagement. During this special session, we’ll highlight four key steps to future-proofing your workplace:

– Workplace Data: Hear how the latest technologies make collecting accurate and actionable workplace data easy
– Situation Analysis: See how to use workplace technology to analyse data for productivity and performance improvements
– Workplace Enablement: Get tools to boost employee engagement and participation in future-proofing your workplace
– Monitor and Adjust: Learn how to shift priorities and strategies as issues change

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Whether you are looking for an all-in-one solution for managing and optimising space, operations, and maintenance, to improve your workplace efficiency and space accounting, or want to simplify your space management – SpaceIQ has you covered.

We are partnering with SpaceIQ to offer you facilities and workplace management solutions to meet your unique needs—no matter you’re the challenge.

Not sure what solutions best fit your workplace and management needs?
• Archibus provides full insights into your built-environment to reduce costs, optimise operations, and elevate employee experience
• Serraview improves workplace productivity, space utilisation, employee engagement, and cost-saving opportunities
• SiQ streamlines workspace utilisation with a scalable solution for space visualisation, move planning, facilities management, and creating amazing employee experiences

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ICAD and Archibus understand that these are trying times. So we are trying to do everything we can to help. We have put together the following offers to help you safely and effectively manage your back-to-work strategy.

Health & Safety
We are offering new licenses of this powerful software solution for mitigating health risks in the workplace, free of charge through September 30, 2021.

Planning & Enablement Features
In the Archibus V25.2 release, the following back-to-work features were introduced:
– Track remote work or designated days, manage return-to-work information and employee status
– Filter rooms and validate social distancing
– Select and book hotelable desks, report problems
– Auto-schedule cleaning before rooms are available for use again

Full Phase Support Bundle
Archibus is packaging the following modules together and also adding a “Dynamic Workplace” home page which includes all relevant back-to-work information in one centralised view.
– Health & Safety
– Emergency Preparedness
– Condition Assessment

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Adjusting your real estate strategy while there’s still so much uncertainty is a daunting task.

Where do you start? What if you have to shift again?  There is a lot you can do now to better plan for tomorrow.   

Download this guide from Archibus, a SpaceIQ product, “Strategic Planning for a Post-COVID Workplace,” to learn about some of the steps you can take to adjust your strategy to meet the new normal. 

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What do you need to do to make your employees feel safe returning to the office? Hint: it’s more than you think. Safety measures are now table stakes and employees expect more than just a change to workplace safety. Employee sentiment is critical, yet the least talked about aspect of moving people back to the office. 

In the latest guide from Archibus – a SpaceIQ product – “Temperature Check: Employee Sentiment & Returning to Work,” they explore why employee sentiment is so critical and how you can use data and technology to share information in an authentic and proactive manner. 

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The popularity of flexible workplaces has been rising for years. But now, the structure and control of hoteling is making it the go-to strategy in workplace management. 

Download The A-to-Z Guide to Hoteling (and Why It’s in High Demand) today and discover how hoteling can help support your transition back to the workplace and beyond. 

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Maintaining safe, functional, and compliant facilities and related infrastructure—while minimising operating costs and maximising potential reimbursement—can be a difficult balancing act. Such challenges make it crucial to effectively track, analyse, and report facilities-related information that supports strategic decision-making.

Every day, educational institutions like yours efficiently perform their core missions by using the sector’s leading integrated real estate, facilities, and infrastructure management solution: Archibus.

Archibus has created a guide with tips on how to get the most out of your IWMS.

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How to safely and effectively manage the return of your workforce, while building your workplace for the future.

The unprecedented closure of nearly every workplace in the world due to COVID-19 has, and continues, to create unexpected and intense demands on corporate real estate (CRE) groups.

With business continuity plans in place, CRE professionals and facility managers are focused on another challenge: effectively and responsibly managing the return to the workplace.

Archibus has created a guide based on experience and the thought leadership of accomplished real estate professionals and facility managers: Our customers.

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Archibus V25.2 is here, with new functions to support your back-to-work planning and implementation.

Whether you are already taking advantage of all Archibus has to offer or just getting started, watch the Archibus webinar to learn how the newest release will help you get back-to-work.

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

Join us to learn how you can integrate Serraview with your existing Archibus environment to enhance your campus strategy & experience.

Watch the Webinar presented by ICAD & Archibus + Serraview On-Demand

Several Archibus modules—Space, Assets, Maintenance, and Capital Budgeting—as well as our recently released back-to-school functionality can help you prepare to keep faculty and students safe and healthy during this pandemic. In this webinar, we take a look at how each module supports best-practice implementation and future planning.

The new functionality includes:
– Space planning cases
– Social distance validation
– Auto-cleaning after hoteling
– Employee assignment to phases and shifts
– Remote employee designation
– Room status assignment

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

The upcoming school year will no doubt look much different than years past, especially as educators prepare to bring students back into the classroom.

Hear Archibus speak with current customers regarding their plans for the new school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss the different ways Archibus can be utilised to implement these plans and overcome any challenges. 

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Just like other organizations, government agencies must figure out what their new normal will look like and prepare for the future as staff returns to the office.

Learn how current customers within government agencies are using Archibus to help them maintain their SLAs while ensuring the health and safety of their employees.

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In addition to all of the heroes on the front lines, there are other heroes working behind the scenes to ensure workplace operations run smoothly.

Learn how Archibus has helped current customers maintain their SLAs while ensuring the health and safety of staff, patients, and their families.

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We understand there are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to bringing your employees back to the office. We’re all preparing for an unprecedented return, but we don’t have to fly blind.

Join us to discover how Archibus technology can help you ground planning in hard data, mitigate health risks, and take a proactive approach. 

You’ll learn:
– How remote work can factor into your strategy.
– How to think about cleaning protocols.
– How to plan for physical distance.
– How to phase your return.

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

The latest release of Archibus is another leap towards bringing complete visibility into facility performance to the fingertips of decision makers. With a completely redesigned interface, it has never been easier to evaluate and prioritise across all of the activities that go into aligning your environments with the needs that they serve.
The latest version of software places comprehensive insight into facility performance at your fingertips, so you can better align your environments with the needs they serve. Archibus has completely redesigned their interface to make it easier than ever to understand facility needs and standardise the ability to plan and respond. The new dashboards empower users with complete visibility into facility needs, while the revitalised menus greatly enhance navigation. It’s never been easier to switch between activities or jump into strategic action.
Highlights of the new version include: – Enhanced navigation, dashboards and forms – Improvements to the space, mobile, and workplace modules – Platform improvements including APIs and deployments
See Archibus V25 in Action! Request a Demo

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