Enhance Your Campus Workplace Insight and Strategic Planning

Leverage Archibus and Serraview for a Comprehensive Approach

Whether you are building new, renovating existing or consolidating old, integrating Serraview with your existing Archibus environment can help you transform your campus strategy with advanced scenario planning, utilisation monitoring, and wayfinding. Even if you don’t have major plans, you can modernise your campus to continue to attract the best and brightest faculty and staff.

Use Case #1 Strategic Scenario Planning

  • Target Inefficiencies: view how your optimization metrics change while you plan to understand your plan’s impacts
  • Plan with Context: visualize how faculty areas and classrooms are grouped on the floorplan to support collaboration
  • Execute Relocations: automatically convert plans into relocation projects to streamline the implementation process

Use Case #2 Space Utilisation

  • Aggregate Utilisation Data: a single platform can help consolidate reporting from multiple IoT sources and report at different levels to demonstrate performance
  • Optimise Your Campus: manage the transformation to an Modern Workplace environment by optimising seating ratios by team, class, floor, or space
  • Monitor Behaviour: quickly identify trends and opportunities across the portfolio

Use Case #3 Wayfinding

  • Easily Navigate the Campus: help faculty and staff find each other, specific desks or rooms, or other resources
  • Save Time: quickly find someone or something through a computer, mobile device, or kiosk
  • Book a Space Real-Time: just-in-time booking allows faculty to immediately reserve a room or resource when needed
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About Archibus + Serraview

The powerful business combination of Archibus and Serraview unites Archibus’ comprehensive suite of real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management solutions with Serraview’s cloud-first, employee-centric space management software to help organizations optimise the “Workplace of the Future.” The result is an integrated, IoT powered, user-friendly platform that effectively manages real estate facilities, infrastructure, workplace assets, and enables employees.