New proprietary data from our partner Eptura’s base of 16,000+ global customers, plus independent quantitative research on employee attitudes and the state of work is available for download: 2023 Workplace Index | Q2.

Data released takes a deep dive into balancing employee calls for freedom and connection while driving your business forward:

• 44% of those surveyed would like to work from home just 2-3 days per week.

• Only 9% of people have moved outside commuting distance from their company’s office.

Wondering how you can ensure data integrity and inspire confidence? Check out our BIM to FM Guide!

This guide explains how facilities and maintenance mangers can create a clear path from Building Information modelling (BIM) to integrated Facilities Management (FM). It outlines and explains multiple steps to build the most efficient processes for all employees.

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Wondering what the new year will bring to the workplace this year? We have predictions, based on what the industry says now. We’ve collected data from across the globe, within our own client base, and our industry influencers.

Check out our 2023 Workplace Predictions Guide. This resource will walk you through 5 workplace trends that will make a difference in your workplace and how to best manage them.

You’ll learn about:
– Managing Hybird Work
– Formalising Policies
– Better Control Over Assets
– The new role of data

And finally, how “Worktech” can help with all of these things.

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We are excited to announce that iOffice + SpaceIQ, which is the parent company of Archibus, is merging with the leader in workspace scheduling and visitor management, Condeco.

Together, these combined companies create a new parent brand called Eptura™ which stands for the epicenter of the future at work. This strategic combination creates a global worktech leader that provides software solutions to power the modern workplace.

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Archibus OnSite is a new mobile solution that helps organisations efficiently manage preventive and corrective maintenance work orders, assets, and compliance. It’s designed with total facilities in mind, to enable groups and teams charged with keeping them up and running right.

Automatically sync room booking tools and data between Archibus and Exchange for a more seamless user experience.

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The Archibus Extension for Microsoft Exchange streamlines every part of meeting room and participant coordination. Connecting tools and data between the two platforms delivers greater visibility and flexibility that help your workplace be more productive.

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In this On-Demand Webinar you will learn about Archibus mobile solutions that enable employees and technicians to do their best work, hosted by Mike Petrusky of The Workplace Innovator and Asset Champion Podcast.

Our seasoned Product Team Panelists – Fred Kraus, Greg Ayres, and Ying Qin dive into topics that tie together why mobile solutions are critical now more than ever.

Topics covered in this session are:

– Why mobile solutions are a big part of workplace and facility-based technology strategies

– How facility maintenance and employee experience management has evolved over the years

– Challenges that employees face within the workplace

And More!

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