The World’s Most Trusted IWMS Just Got More Powerful and Intuitive with Archibus Version 25

The latest release of Archibus is another leap towards bringing complete visibility into facility performance to the fingertips of decision makers. With a completely redesigned interface, it has never been easier to evaluate and prioritise across all of the activities that go into aligning your environments with the needs that they serve.
The latest version of software places comprehensive insight into facility performance at your fingertips, so you can better align your environments with the needs they serve. Archibus has completely redesigned their interface to make it easier than ever to understand facility needs and standardise the ability to plan and respond. The new dashboards empower users with complete visibility into facility needs, while the revitalised menus greatly enhance navigation. It’s never been easier to switch between activities or jump into strategic action.
Highlights of the new version include:
  • Enhanced navigation, dashboards and forms
  • Improvements to the space, mobile, and workplace modules
  • Platform improvements including APIs and deployments


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