Archibus + Serraview 

In December 2018, Archibus, an industry-leading integrated workplace management system (IWMS) platform, and Serraview, a cloud-based provider of space optimisation and workforce enablement software, merged to create the leading provider of solutions for managing the modern built environment. The powerful business combination of Archibus and Serraview unites Archibus’ comprehensive suite of real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management solutions with Serraview’s cloud-first, employee-centric space management software to help organizations optimise the “Workplace of the Future.” The result is an integrated, IoT powered, user-friendly platform that effectively manages real estate facilities, infrastructure, workplace assets, and enables employees.
About Archibus
Archibus is the global leader in streamlining how you manage your facilities, infrastructure, and real estate. Centralise your data, planning and operations onto one seamless platform backed by 35 years of innovation and the world’s largest support network. Reduce costs, enhance sustainability, and create a better workplace by transforming how you connect people, place, and purpose.
About Serraview
Serraview is a global provider of space optimisation solutions created to enable forward-thinking organizations to deliver today’s modern workplace. Serraview’s solutions are designed to increase real estate portfolio utilisation, streamline operations, and enable smarter, more productive work environments. Serraview is a platform at the intersection of people, place and technology – driving a future that is good for business and great for people.
About Archibus + Serraview
Archibus + Serraview is a global leader in workplace management software. Empowering over 1,000 customers around the globe, Archibus + Serraview provides the world’s leading workplaces with the insights and tools they need to reduce real estate costs, optimise operations, and elevate the employee experience. Having recently acquired SpaceIQ, the company is solidifying its role as the market leader in “modern workplace.”

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