ICAD Consultants Pty Ltd has demonstrated its capacity to sell and support the world leading ARCHIBUS/FM software into some of Australia's largest organisations. We have significant expertise in this area and are the largest and most dedicated ARCHIBUS dealer in Australia.

In coordination with all its services, ICAD Consultants Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive project management based approach to our client implementations in accordance with the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Core Body of Knowledge.


The services provided by the Company include:

  • All ARCHIBUS/FM related implementation services
  • Back-office services
  • Web and graphics design and implementation
  • Needs analysis: Formulating and structuring business requirements
  • Gap analysis: Bridging business requirements with current and future information technology trends
  • System implementation plan
  • Database design and development services
  • Training and support services
  • Technology audits and reviews
  • System documentation
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting services
  • System integration and implementation
  • System collaboration and communication
  • System Design and Development
  • System procurement, installation and training
  • System customisation
  • Development of data standards and protocols
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management

"Application Server Providers (ASP)"

Hosting TIFM applications are end-to-end solutions which greatly reduce implementation, training, and support costs and gives you the freedom to work almost anywhere ?at the office, on a client site, at home, whilst traveling. By hosting applications, your organisation is able to free up its resources to focus on running the business, not managing the tools required to run it.

As part of your application hosting service, ICAD handles software installations, configuration, upgrades and backups. All the user requires is a computer capable of running a web browser and access to the internet. Most importantly, the solution requires minimum initial cost from the client and allows a spread of the cost over 2, 3 or many years.