ICAD Consultants Pty Ltd was established in 1994. The founder, Dr Milad Saad, has accrued over 23 years of professional experience in the industries of architecture, engineering and building. During this time, he has built a competent team with the result that ICAD Consultants Pty Ltd has proven skills in a number of technically diverse arenas. These areas include 2D/3D CAD systems, database design, visualisation, multimedia, internet/intranet, computer graphics modelling and programming, and distributed and shared design database systems for CAD.

Since 1997 ICAD Consultants Pty Ltd has been directly engaged in providing professional services in developing and implementing Total Infrastructure solutions / Computer Integrated Facilities Management projects through the ARCHIBUS/FM business partners program.

The American based company ARCHIBUS Inc. is the leading Facilities Management Automation Solution in the World, with over 4,000,000 end-users around the world managing over 5 million properties.

ARCHIBUS is supported in more than 160 countries by a network of 1600 ARCHIBUS Business Partners. ICAD is proud to be classified as an ARCHIBUS Inc. Authorised Australian Master Dealer.

ICAD Consultants Pty Ltd offers also professional services in Project Management. Our Project Managers have strong experience in managing a wide range of CAD,CAFM,CIFM,TIFM, web-based and GIS projects.


The company specialises in the following areas:

  • Database Development and Migration
  • Integration with Financial and Human Resources Systems
  • Web-Based Applications
  • Administration and System Training
  • Project Management and Risk Management
  • CAD Systems (Documentation and Management)
  • Customised Training Programs as required



ICAD Consultants Pty Ltd is a professional company that provides technology expertise in the design, development and management of information technology systems related to critical business needs. The majority of our clients are involved with the built environment and rely heavily on computer aided design, facilities management technology and web technologies.

Our overriding philosophy is the use of technology to solve business issues. By working in close cooperation with our clients we are able to define and model their business processes in a manner that allows them to model technology to work with their business, rather than modelling their business around their software. We take immense pride and satisfaction in our ability to define and solve problems in a way that has a positive impact on our clients' productivity and financial bottom line.

We constantly endeavour to create a partnership with every one of our customers in order to meet their needs and strongly aim for one of our highest priorities: Customer Satisfaction.